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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

A Snuggle Up Christmas Romance Novel for a Sweet Christmas Book 2

THE CHOCOLATE SHOP ON CHRISTMAS STREET is on pre-order on Amazon for 99c and 99p.
Order here for US and here for UK 

Pre-order now for a snuggly romantic read over the holidays. Here's the blurb...

Rosie Tennyson's dream of owning a chocolate shop comes true when she opens Chocolate Fantasy on Christmas Street. When Rosie's boyfriend of two years, Dale decides to rekindle his relationship with his ex-wife after admitting he'd never stopped loving her, Rosie is hurt but philosophical, much to the surprise of the small community of shopkeepers on Christmas Street who fall in love with Rosie and stick together through thick and thin. Keen to help her take her mind off her broken heart, Rosie's best friend Felicity arranges for her to receive an invitation to display her chocolates at a Christmas Festival at Gainsford Manor, the large manor house where the ancestors of Sir Harold Christmas still live. The festival introduces Rosie to an astonishing new business opportunity, and a gorgeous new customer who turns up at Chocolate Fantasy to buy her artisan chocolates more than is healthy.
Will Rosie learn to love again, and will a secret admirer reveal his identity and mend her heart with sweet romance?
The 2nd novella in the Snuggle Up Romance Series is irresistibly charming, the perfect holiday read for a sweet Christmas holiday and beyond!

Love Valentina xxx

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