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Thursday, 17 November 2016


To celebrate the release of the paperback of CHRISTMAS AT MISTLETOE ABBEY, I'm offering my followers a chance to win a copy on Goodreads. Here's the blurb...

Sophie Trevelyan adores ‘Simply Yummy’, the pretty bistro she opens in London with an inheritance from her grandmother. As owner and head-chef she knows she’s finally found her niche. A place to call her own.

When Sophie’s boyfriend, Bradley decides he’d rather play festive games with the sexy bottle-blonde Santa from the office, Sophie finds herself wondering who she can take as her plus one when she receives an unexpected invitation from her old friends, Laetitia and Jeremy Lucas, to stay at Mistletoe Abbey for Christmas.

On her arrival at the gloriously Christmassy Mistletoe Abbey, Sophie discovers a surprising guest has been invited, and it isn’t Santa Claus. Selena, Sophie’s best friend, is determined to shield a broken-hearted Sophie from the wrong kind of attention, and delivers some news that she can hardly believe. A meeting between her and the gorgeous TV chef, Jack Adams, contrived by a social-climbing Laetitia doesn’t go well, yet Sophie knows there’s a magnetic attraction between them.

Determined to enjoy their much-needed festive break, Sophie and Selena decide to make the most of a disastrous weekend. When they’re called upon to help Laetitia and Jeremy out of a tight-spot, they agree, throwing a reluctant Sophie under Jack Adam’s spotlight.

Struggling to come to terms with the loss of her gran, and Bradley’s betrayal, Sophie finds consolation in Hero, her faithful dachshund, and the utter beauty of Mistletoe Abbey as they explore the fairy-tale, snow-covered woods surrounding the house. Is she the only person to fall under the abbey’s magical spell? Will she be tempted to allow a remorseful Bradley back into her life…or will a spicy newcomer provide the Christmas sparkle to mend her broken heart?

A charming-to-read Christmas romance novella to snuggle up with under a tartan blanket, sipping a glass of spicy mulled wine. Enjoy!


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Christmas at Mistletoe Abbey by Valentina Hepburn

Christmas at Mistletoe Abbey

by Valentina Hepburn

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Monday, 14 November 2016

It's Nearly Christmas! It Really Is! A Free Gift from Valentina Hepburn

Okay, so I thought I'd have some fun and write a Christmas novella. And I did have fun, and I hope you do too.

Because it's 'nearly' Christmas, I thought I'd give you an early Christmas present, so go

for a lovely free copy of...

Christmas at Mistletoe Abbey: A Snuggle Up Christmas Romance (The Snuggle Up Romance Novella Series Book 1) by [Hepburn, Valentina]

until Tuesday 15th November.

or if you would prefer the paperback... here for the for the US
It'll be available in time for Christmas

Lots of love,Valentina xxx

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