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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

A GIRL CALLED RANDOM ~ Competition and Freebie

A GIRL CALLED RANDOM is the second installment in The Notes from Random Knight Series, and a very different story to the first, NOTES ON A REBELLION.
In the beginning, Random Knight and her soul mate, Ethan Smith are imprisoned in a government shelter after being arrested at a protest march. NOTES ON A REBELLION documents the struggle experienced by Random and a renegade bunch of raiders as they try to save their community from starvation after 'The Warming.'

A GIRL CALLED RANDOM sees Random as the leader of the exiles at Castle Firamodor, and more importantly, a mother. Her family are threatened by an old adversary, and the continuing story takes her and her friends on a dangerous journey into a world completely alien to them. Along the way they meet other adversaries, beings who wish to prevent them achieving the quest that is so important to them; a horror no parent would want to experience. In A GIRL CALLED RANDOM Random matures into a woman and make decisions none of us would want to make.

The third book in the series is a steam-punk time-travel odyssey into 1888 London. There is such a rich vein of history and literary classics of this time.
 If you were a character in the next Notes from Random Knight novel, who would you like to be. Would you like to be a sympathetic character or a villain of the time? What would your name be? And how would you help or hinder Random and Ethan in their quest to rid the world of an horrific adversary. Answer here, or email me on Two winners (anywhere in the world) will receive paperback copies for suggesting the most interesting and compelling characters.

By the way, A GIRL CALLED RANDOM is free on Amazon Kindle from Friday 8th January through to Sunday 10th January,

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