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Friday, 23 October 2015

Kindle Countdown for 'NOTES ON A REBELLION'

Kindle Countdown for NOTES ON A REBELLION from 25th October until 30th October '15 ~ 99p here

Dear Blogettes,
Another video from the Valentina Hepburn School of Film and Arts. (Ahem). Again, I don't think Steven Spielberg's got anything to worry about, but I had fun. Last week is a dim and distant memory, well almost, and I've got my mojo back. What a difference a few days can make. I think the answer to writer's block, or whatever is was, is to do something, anything, to further the art-form we're so passionate about, and our careers as writers. There are ups and downs in everything, so, take a deep breath, and keep on keeping on.  
Lots of emails of encouragement, so thank you.

Lots of love,
Valentina xxx

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

I've Hit a Wall

Dear Blogettes,

Yes, I really have. And I can't really work out why. I've written so much; articles, websites, menus, sales descriptions...novels, and this is the first time I've experienced it. I've lost my mojo, my muse, Maybe I'm tired. But I've felt really tired before and I still continued to write. I haven't written a thing for three days. That's a long time for me. Even my daughter says, 'it's not like you, Mum'. And she's right. It isn't.

Lots of love
Valentina xxx

The Blogettes