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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

A Glance Back in Time

This is my first blog post in quite a long time.  So much has happened since my last that I hardly know where to begin.  I guess it's just life, doing what it does, moving on without any of us really having any control. Yes, it's quite scary, but hey, it's been like that for quite a long time!

During the latter part of last year I had a plan. I had published two books in six months and I was feeling very happy. I had planned to finish A GIRL CALLED RANDOM, and release it in time for the Christmas rush (ahem!) but it didn't happen.  Again, life decided to take over and point me in another direction...the direction of loving, caring mum and nanny.

My ex-husband, David, became very ill and unfortunately died in October.  Of course, my girls were devastated, still are, and needed some mum-shaped support and guidance. Sadness overwhelmed the whole family.  I'm guessing many of you have experienced the depth of grief that overcomes us when we lose someone close, someone who has had a very profound effect on our lives.  I know my girls can still hardly believe they won't see their dad again. When a person departs our lives it leaves such a huge void.

Now that another New Year beckons, I think it's a time for reflection on moments I haven't thought about in a while.  Even though David and I had gone our separate ways a long time ago, I've taken some time to remember him; his wicked sense of humour, his irreverence, and his commitment to living his life his way.  Good on him!  Perhaps we should all have a little of that in us.

My hope is that my wonderful, loving daughters will be able to move on into 2015, complete with their cherished memories of their dad and looking forward to the future with their own families.  We have a new arrival joining the family in February and I'm sure that little boy will bring renewed optimism; a little bundle of love we can all share.

My wish for my family, friends, followers, readers, and all of those who have helped me so much during the last twelve months, is a fabulous New Year celebration, and a happy, healthy, successful 2015.  Thank you for your enduring belief and support.  It won't be forgotten.

Happy New Year

LoveValentina xxx

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